Modelling an In-Slab Heating or Cooling System


BERS doesn’t model in floor heating/cooling systems as such, but the NCC requires an in-slab heating or cooling system, must have insulation with an R-Value greater than or equal to R1.0 installed vertically around the perimeter edge of the slab.  The above R-Value reflects NCC 2019 for NCC climate zones 1 to 7.  Please ensure you check whether this R Value has changed dependant on the current NCC compliance requirements and/or NCC climate zone requirements.

Insulation can be modelled to the zones once the zones have been fully modelled.  A slide bar called "Slab Edge R Value" can be used to select the desired R Value.  R1.0 has been selected in the attached example.   


Please Note: the slab edge insulation R value can only be added to the entire project.  The current limitation of the software program does not allow it to be added to individual zones.  

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