External floor insulation corruption warning

You will only see this warning in a very small number of cases where the floor insulation has been corrupted as per the pop up below:
It is flagging a problem with the file that needs to be corrected to ensure the accuracy of the star rating.  In this case, it applies to all zones as they are all linked to the same floor space.
You can correct this issue by going to the Floor to outside pop up as shown below
and selecting the correct insulation from the list below:
Upon launching the insulation selection pop up it will highlight the last option.  We understand that this is not correct, but because the file is corrupted it defaults to the last option on the list.  Simply select the correct one and click OK and it will apply this change to this zone, and zones sharing the same floor space will also be updated.
In the case of this file, this will correct the insulation for the entire house as all the zones share the same floor space.
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