Simulating Error Solution “There has been an error in the engine"

After pressing the simulate button, you may sometimes see an error message as follows:

The most common cause of this error is a net floor area of zero in one of the zones. A net floor area of zero can be created during the modelling of some 2 storey houses, where a void exists above a downstairs zone or a stairwell.

If the opening in the void zone floor is entered as the same size as the floor itself, a net floor area of zero will result.

In order to avoid this error, the opening in the floor (B) should be entered as 0.1m2 smaller than the zone floor area (A), as per below.


This will allow the simulation to occur and in most cases will have a negligible impact on the simulated energy requirements.

If you still receive the error message and/or this solution is not applicable to your project, please contact Energy Inspection HERE and please attach your project file.


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