Unable to access AFRC Custom Windows from the AccuRate library. What is missing?

Custom window libraries are currently supplied by Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC) on or before 15 June and 15 December each year.  As part of your mandatory AFRC training, you will receive notifications from AFRC when updates are available.

In order to use custom window libraries, first download and extract your required brand of windows or ALL-WINDOWS or a combination of select brands and ALL-WINDOWS.  Using ALL-WINDOWS is just one option as it is a trade-off between speed and convenience with that library being slower to open. Ideally you should have ALL-WINDOWS and regularly used individual libraries in the C:\AccuRateSustainability\lib\windows directory. (Or the lib/window directory under the directory where the relevant AccuRate.exe file resides.) Then switch between libraries to suit the AccuRate project.

Importantly, ensure that the two version files (GlzLibrary.WIN.VER and GlzLibrary.bwg.VER) are dated the same or more recently than the window libraries you have installed.

You can download the latest GlzLibrary.WIN.VER and GlzLibrary.bwg.VER from the latest updated window libraries from AFRC from the point highlighted below.

To access the libraries, you will need to have completed the AFRC default window training as described on this page: http://www.afrc.org.au/announcements/afrc-default-windows-online-training-avaliable.

Essential if an individual library file is updated, the version file will be updated to reflect the date of that individual file as a control to ensure you have the most current file. So you should download and save the most current VER files each time you download a library file.

All files should be extracted or copied to the top of this directory: C:\AccuRateSustainability\lib\windows.  (Or the lib/window directory under the directory where the relevant AccuRate.exe file resides.)

After adding the described files, refresh the AccuRate application by closing and re-opening it to ensure that the new files are loaded.


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