Are there parameters for installing BERS Pro in SILENT or VERYSILENT mode?

Here are the options to install BERSPro44 in SILENT ot VERYSILENT modes

The difference between the two is SILENT will display a progress window while installing and VERYSILENT will not.


This is the syntax for the call from DOS - 

[BersPro44Install-yyyy-mm-dd-FINAL-RELEASEv4.4.0.1.exe /VERYSILENT /sp- /DIR="<Install folder>"  /LOG="<log file name>"  


It is best to call the command from a DOS box opened as Administrator otherwise a popup from windows 10 will require confirmation.


So for the installer BersPro44Install-2020-07-21-FINAL-RELEASEv4.4.0.1.exe the following DOS command will install BERSPro44 into the default folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\BersPro44) and log the output of the installation steps into BERSInstall.log in the calling directory.


BersPro44Install-2020-07-21-FINAL-RELEASEv4.4.0.1.exe /VERYSILENT /sp- /LOG="BERSInstall.log"


The /DIR option allows installation into a specific folder. This following line will install the BERS executable into the C:\BERS folder


BersPro44Install-2020-07-21-FINAL-RELEASEv4.4.0.1.exe /VERYSILENT /sp- /DIR="C:\BERS\"  /LOG="BERSInstall.log"  


This will work on all current installers, including BERS4.3

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