Installing multiple versions of AccuRate Sustainability on one machine


You can install another version of AccuRate Sustainability on your computer, in fact, multiple versions by the following procedure:


  1. Copy and Rename the original AccuRate or AccuRate Sustainability directory: say from c:\AccuRate to c:\AccuRateSustainabilityOld or AccuRateSustainabilitySP3.
  2. Of course for safety sake, you should make a copy of the content in the original directory.
  3.  Uninstall the original version from the ControlPanel|  Uninstall a Program or Apps and Features.
  4.  Install the new AccuRate Sustainability.


This does not remove the original copy. You can add a desktop shortcut and Rename to differentiate from the newly installed shortcut.  Say AccuRateSustainability SP3  and SP4.


You can run both copies simultaneously.

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