How do I add or amend my accreditation status to the HStar portal using AccuRate?

In order for your accreditation status to be validated in the Hstar web portal, three points need to be in agreement:


  1. Your Assessor Number must be correctly added to the portal under My Accreditations (

  2. Your AAO must check the validation. Note that when you initially enter the number in the portal, the default status will be to valid. Your AAO will update the status if this changes. If it shows as "Invalid" next to this status in the portal, your AAO needs to update the status accordingly.

  3. Your Accreditation Number and AAO in the Project Data|Assessor Details of each assessment must exactly match the Assessor Number and AAO in the portal. This must also be set in the Configuration|Assessor Defaults|Assessor as follows:



Once these are set, if you reload any assessments that show as Non-accredited the accreditation status will update to previously generated certificates.

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