Why can I see floor insulation in the Building Details report that I haven’t applied to the zone? How do I get rid of this phantom insulation?

In some cases of upgrading from v4.2 to v4.3, or with multiple floor types being used where one is insulated and the other is not, all floors can show as having insulation.  “Phantom” insulation is a good description, as when you open the zone and external floor details the Insulation Type window shows No Insulation.  
If you open the ‘External Floor' selector and click on the 'Insulation Type' selector you may notice that it updates from showing “No Insulation” to show “bulk+foil sided bubble wrap with Bulk insulation, no gap to floor", you’ll know the system is a little confused.  
  1. Select “No Insulation”
  2. Check all effected zones to be sure they have all updated
  3. Save the file. *note that we recommend you rename and save a new version to be sure
  4. We also recommend that you shutdown BERS and reopen it before you double check your file has stored the correct information
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