Instructions for modelling BERS Pro v4.3 and later Opaque Louvres

The Opaque Louvres are now located in the Door element.



Assessors must select the Type of opaque louvre from timber, aluminium–hollow or insulated R1.0.  They have been designed to align with the BERS Pro 4.2 options, but since it is no longer a window element there is no need to select a frame type.


As a result of the new elements there is a need to enter the head height, but since this was originally a door function the head height will default to the height of the opening.  If the louvres are not to be modeled from the ground up assessors should firstly:

  1. Select the Type of louvre,
  2. Set the Height,
  3. Set the Width, and finally
  4. Set the Head Height


 Setting the Head Height and automated warnings

  • If the Head Height is set above the overall wall height a warning will be displayed and the Head Height set to the top of the wall.
  • If the Head Height is set lower than the Height set for the “Door” the software will display a warning and then default the Height as the Head Height.  


  1. Opaque Louvres can be set as the Default Door
  2. The Copy/Paste function works as it normally would for Doors
  3. The Opaque Louvres can be viewed in the Building Details Report under “Doors”
  4. If the louvre is modeled on a horizontally split wall and the head height is set correctly the software automatically deduct the appropriate louvre area from the total wall area. Assessors will notice that it also splits the louvre in the Building Details Report.
  5. The original doors and opening in a wall functions have not been changed


 Updating a BERS Pro 4.2 file with Opaque Louvres


If a BERS Pro v4.2 file with opaque louvres is brought forward into V4.3 warning messages will pop up for each instance.  It contains information about the zone, wall number and window ID to help assessors quickly locate them.



If the opaque louvre(s) are not updated the message will be displayed again before the job will simulate.

Since the louvre is currently a window the information about Type, Height, Width and Head Height can be viewed by right clicking on the window node.

It will have to be manually replaced with a “Door” as described above, and the “Window” opaque louvre removed.

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