Amending Batch Simulation Climate Zone Postcodes i.e. CZ 13 postcode 6043 can be amended to 6000

The BERS batch processing system has not been changed since 4.2.  The climate files are listed 1-69 and the suburbs are listed as static and won't change, but the postcodes can be overridden.  This means any postcode located under the selected NatHERS CZ will reflect the specific outcomes if you change the postcode.  Most changes would be minor as per the following example.

climat13.TXT 6043 -31.1 115.4    40.8    26.2    66.9   6.2 
climat13.TXT 6000 -31.9 115.9    40.6    26.3    66.9   6.2

You can even save the Batch Schedule with the overrides postcodes to save time if it is a repeatable batch simulation. 


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