What is the procedure to receive a trial, training or academic licence?


 BERS Pro Trial, Training and Academic Licences

  1. New BERS Pro users, can request a training licence by emailing a request to admin@energyinspection.com.au, provided they have registered on the Energy Inspection (EI) site HERE, downloaded the latest software from their EI account, and registered their Ethernet MAC address. 
  2. If applicable, please specify your current or intended RTO or training organisation in your email.
  3. Training licences currently run through 30th April 2022 and will be subject to renewal on expiration.
  4. Training licence users will not have access to the CSIRO H-Star Portal.
  5. Limited support is available until the minimum of a BERS Pro NatHERS Software Basic Training is completed.
  6. Additional information on training is available HERE.
  7. When  BERS Pro software training is completed and certificates of training are provided, full licences may be ordered from HERE and access to the Hstar portal will be established.
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