If my accreditation status in the H-star portal is entered correctly, why are my certificates showing as Non-Accredited?

There are two main reasons:


Your AAO can invalidate your status if a point of accreditation is missing. If you think this might be the case, contact them. If you have recently updated points of accreditation, the AAO will need to re-validate your status in the portal.  Note you can check your accreditation status under My Accreditation in the portal.



Your portal record under "My Accreditations" is case sensitive and the corresponding fields, AAO and Assessor Number, in the Assessor Details, of the BERS Project Details, must be identical with the Portal for each assessment.  No extra spaces, same case and no omissions. 


Once you ensure these are correct, you can save and retrieve them for BERS using the highlighted buttons in the sample window below.


Once you have re-validated your accreditation status, you can re-upload to the projects and the certificates will update to the accredited version.

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