Problems with special characters in Comments

There is an issue in the Comments input field in the Project Details. When a user copies text from a source such as a PDF file, Gmail or a web page, there is a possibility that special space characters or formatting symbols will be copied over to the Comments and can cause the portal to not process the certificate.

In this case, it is suggested that the user enter the text in the Comments window manually.

A way around this issue is to first copy the desired input into MS Word and turn on formatting marks as shown below. Then check if there are extra symbols appearing that we not evident before as in the example.




will fail the upload, while

      be fully covered by insulation, are specified a

upload will pass through


If a user wants to copy & paste, then check the content with MS Word before pasting into BERS Pro.  Another option is to pass the text through a Notepad document to clear the control characters.


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