How is an internal wall adjacent to roof space only simulated?

Uninsulated walls to roof space m2 should be entered in to the “Uninsulated Wall to Roof Space” field that is located in the ceiling details window (e.g. a zone with raked ceiling that has walls that adjoin the roof space).


Insulated walls to roof space (e.g. an external wall where a lower floor roof butts into the upper floor external wall, created an internal wall to roof space connection) – will appear as external walls on the drawing.


  • Insert a node to split the wall vertically
  • Change selected wall to “Single Skin Panel” wall type
  • Check the “Externally Insulated” box
  • Add the required insulation to create the desired system R value, including the roof material and any
  • “Beyond the Wall” select “Air”


NOTE: be sure to check the proportion/m2 for each wall area external and wall to roof space

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