Modelling 2 different shading devices on one wall e.g. alfresco or a verandah above the lower glazing and eaves above high-light glazing.

In this example, the lower shading device (alfresco) has been modelled within the main eaves line and will be applied to the lower glazing.  The higher (less projecting) roof eaves can be modelled using 2nd eaves - as per provided examples.


Alfresco (lowest shading device) has been modelled with the main eaves line - as per attached.


The higher roof eaves line has been modelled as a 2nd eaves which is projecting by 1500mm and finishes 350mm above the glazing - as per attached.


Please Note: this scenario could be modelled in the opposite manner e.g. the 1500mm roof eave modelled within the software interface and a 2nd alfresco eave modelled at 2700mm and 6000mm with 0mm offset to applicable glazing.

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