Creating a Summary Certificate for Multi-Dwelling and Multi-Unit Projects?

1) Create a project for each unit or dwelling in AccuRate.

2) Note that each address line, apart from the Unit Number, must be exactly identical in order to be grouped into the schedule.  This includes all characters, case sensitivity and spaces.  Note an amendment to the address lines in the project for spaces and characters will result in an additional certificate when uploaded.  You can however amend the case if required without incurring a fee.

3) Note that dwelling details can be saved and re-used on multi-unit and multi-dwelling projects by using the Save and Load features.


4) Ensure each project includes a different unit number in the Project Data|Dwelling Details|Dwelling Details Address|Unit Number.

5) In the Hstar web portal, projects with the identical street address, excluding the Unit Number, can be combined into a schedule.

6) If the unit number is entered in the address line, instead of the Unit Number field, the projects will not combine. Amending address lines in the project will result in an additional certificate when uploaded.

7) From the My Jobs page or the Search page (for filtering) of your portal account;

i)   Select the required project files in the check boxes in the right-hand side column entitled  Include in Summary 

ii)  Scroll down to the bottom of the page

iii)  Press the   Generate Summary Certificates  button located in the bottom right

8) Refresh the Job Queue  refresh.pngon My Jobs page. 

9) After several seconds the schedule will show up in top of the job list when completed.

Note: Mixed accreditation statuses will not combine

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