I can't access AFRC Custom Roof Windows from the AccuRate library. What is missing?

Custom roof window libraries are currently supplied by AFRC, which is currently limited to the Velux roof window library. Note that when using this library, that the two version files (GlzLibrary.RWI.VER and GlzLibrary.brg.VER) need to be no older than the roof window libraries you used.

You can download the latest GlzLibrary.RWI.VER and GlzLibrary.brg.VER from the latest updated roof window libraries from AFRC.  These are now included with the Velux files.

All files should be copied to the top of this directory: C:\AccuRateSustainability\lib\windows or the lib/window directory under the directory where the relevant AccuRate.exe file resides.

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