Unzoned verandah - modelling an alfresco ceiling connected to the main roof space.

Don't include any outdoor spaces that have large permanent openings to the outside as zones. Extend the eave line to account for shading

If the alfresco ceiling is enclosed (meaning it has volume that forms part of the roof space) but is uninsulated model the m^2 ceiling area as “Unzoned Verandah” in the ceilings pop up window.

The following example has a porch and alfresco uninsulated ceilings connected to the same roof space as the Class 1 ceilings = 15.1m2 unzoned verandah (uninsulated ceilings within the same roof space) needs to be accounted for.

If the porch and alfresco ceilings were insulated to the same level as the remaining Class 1 ceilings (located beneath the same roof void) then no area would need to be entered for the unzoned verandah requirement.


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