Please advise of a proxy wall system for BERS for 200 Timbercrete nom. R value of 0.64 and capacitance of 170 (if you have one)?

Calculate the R value of the wall plus any air gaps. Use the BERS tools - Timbercrete solid is listed.

Select the externally insulated tilt concrete option.

200 mm solid. Make the thickness 100 mm and add an R value equal to 200 mm Timbercrete value (R0.641) minus the R value of the 100 mm concrete.

This is insufficient for a wall on its own and needs to have insulation added.

If it’s added to the inside then the thermal mass of the Timbercrete is irrelevant. In that case model it as a 100 mm concrete tilt up wall internally insulated. Add bulk insulation with an R value equal to the difference between the R value of the concrete wall and the R value of the Timbercrete wall.

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