How do I model a wall that has a cavity brick bottom half and stud frame top strip?

If a wall is designed with a horizontal split between multiple construction types, a BERS assessor must:

  • Create the external walls with the material that will form the bottom half of the wall
  • Put in the any doors and windows as usual
  • Right click on the external wall that needs to be split horizontally
  • Select the “Specify” button at the bottom of the pop up window
  • In the Height of base wall field enter the height that the split, and specify the Upper wall construction Type, Insulation & Colour


  1. The system will use the height of the wall, the height of the base wall and the head height of the window/door to work out what proportion, if any, is to be split between the construction materials
  2. This method is suitable for any combination of external wall constructions
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