When simulating the black simulation screen only flashes for an instant, and the results don’t change. Has it actually re-simulated?

No, if the MJ results don't change and you didn’t see the monthly simulation progress go through the full cycle the program hasn't simulated. Sometimes it will display an error message that says “the simulation has been unsuccessful”. 

Possible reasons:

  • BERS open more than once (I/O error 32) 
  • Insufficient memory: BERS requires a minimum of 512 MB Ram + 720 MB of virtual memory available
  • A window or door that that is larger than the parent wall
  • Adding a level that is not used
  • Duplicate zone names
  • Grouping elevated underfloor spaces with zones having slab on ground
  • Exceeding the max number of zones (100), walls per zone (100), roof zones (50), under floor zones (50), windows per wall (10), doors per wall (10), internal walls per zone (10), skylights/clerestory windows per zone (6), stairwells (6) or external wall types including walls containing clerestory windows (10)
  • Running an obsolete version of BERS Pro with expired glazing library
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