Installing AccuRate Sustainability?

Step 1. Before you download the software, create a new directory on your computer and name it C:\AccuRate\. DO NOT save the file into the ususal directory C:\Program Files\ because of Windows security protection issues specifically related to the Program Files default directory.

Step 2. Download AccuRate Sustainability using the "Download" page on the Energy Inspection website.

Step 3. Unzip the downloaded files and double click setup.exe, to launch the installation wizard. NOTE: If during installation you receive a window stating “Incorrect Environment Settings” please see this FAQ below.

Step 4. Ensure that you set the location for the software installation as the C:\AccuRate\ directory you created in Step 1.

Step 5. The installation wizard will create a new directory on your local drive called C:\AccuRateSustainability\ and all the program files will be saved there. You will notice that the C:\Accurate\ folder you created contains the AccuRateSustainability installer file in case you need to reload the software in the future.

Step 6. When you start AccuRate Sustainability for the first time, you will receive the “Unlock AccuRate” window. On this window, your “computer’s Machine ID” will be displayed. Please take note of this number, as you will need it for Step 7.

Step 7. Complete the registration form available at Ensure the “computer’s Machine ID” from Step 6 is entered in the field for “Machine Registration ID” field. If you have purchased multiple copies of the program, please ensure each user of the software completes a separate registration form. Only registered users will be notified of program updates and able to access technical support.

Step 8. Energy Inspection will send the unlock code to the registered user’s email address within 24 hours. Please paste the unlock code into the program to access all features.

Note – Microsoft .Net version must be 4.5.1. If required during the installation, the installer will prompt for an upgrade which is available from this site:

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