What happens to the floor specification if a cantilevered section is open to outside air and the area is not specified?

If an upper level has a zone with the floor cantilevered such that a subsection is open to outside air, that area must be specified by using the following steps.

  • Model the zone with the floor construction to unit
  • Right click on the zone and open the floor
  • Click “Specify” and input the area m2 of the floor to outside air “totally open”
  • Select the construction Type and Insulation


Issues that can occur include the following:

1. The upper floor subsection to the outside air will show as the default external floor setting. 

2. The assessment may not simulate.

3. The assessment may simulate and then show, in the certificate floor section, the unspecified floor area to outside air as a subsection, labeled with the names of the upper section zone and the adjacent zone directly below and with the default external floor specification.

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