Why is there incorrect or phantom data in the certificate that is not showing in BERS?

If you have to adjust a design after any of the external walls have been split horizontally there is a chance that "phantom walls" will be written in to the building details report and the certificate.

Check the wall list and orientation of the phantom wall and check the internal walls of the effected zone that face that orientation.  

- To check the internal wall or any phantom external wall information, the zone node must be selected and the zone peeled away from the adjoining zone.  

In the following example the zone wall on the problem section has been peeled to the left by dragging the node. This exposes the previous external wall data.

This will allow the external wall settings to be selected.  Check the newly exposed external walls for the "Specified" top half of the external wall for the phantom construction.  Once the unrequired construction is reset, move the zone node back into place to join the zones back together.

The building details report should have updated and after re-simulating the certificate will also be correct.

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