What impact do stacked nodes have on a rating and its accuracy?

  • The stacked node will not make the rating inaccurate per se, but it may cause a simulation error (failure) and probably show an extra construction on the certificate. This only happens if the constructions have been entirely changed from the default that was in effect with the node was placed (e.g. all walls are now Brick not Concrete). The stacked node does not change the geometry that is given to Chenath, the 0 length wall does not get written to the scratch file, and no additional heat flow path is simulated by Chenath.


  • The only item that gets written to the scratch is the default construction in effect when the node was placed. This causes an issue only if the default was changed by manually changing each wall individually and not using the 'change all defaults' function. 


  • Changing each wall manually obviously misses the 0 length wall, but changing all defaults catches it. This only causes a simulation error if the construction limit is exceeded. It will also write in the 0m^2 construction in the building details. 


  • It is uncertain if it will write this to the certificate all the time.
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