Variable Slab Thickness Functionality

BERS Pro v4.3.0.2a (3.13) and later

Variable Slab Thickness Functionality Explained


BERS Pro has been updated so that Assessors can now specify the thickness of the concrete for Slabs on Ground and Suspended Slabs to either Open Air, or to Unit Below.

When setting the external floor default or opening individual floors the “Thickness” field will now be visible.


To manually make changes select the existing thickness number and type over it with the desired figure.  Assessors will be able to set a maximum thickness of 999mm.

When the ‘OK’ button is pressed to exit the External Floor selector the information will be saved.




Even though the new “Thickness” field will be visible all the time, it will only be editable for the three concrete slab constructions marked in red.


The default thicknesses will still apply, until an Assessor makes a manual change.

Concrete Slab on ground = 100mm

Suspended Slab = 150mm

Suspended Slab with Unit Below = 150mm

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